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to manage chemical burns
the use of DIPHOTERINE® solution to manage chemical burns
The DIPHOTERINE® solution contains an active molecule which permits the rapid and effective rinsing of chemical agents. Its effectiveness has been proved on more than 600 chemical agents.

to manage Hydrofluoric Acid burns
the use of HEXAFLUORINE® solution to manage Hydrofluoric Acid burns
HEXAFLUORINE® solution was designed to allow the active washing of hydrofluoric acid splashes.

TRIVOREX® absorbent
to decontaminate floors and utensils
the use of TRIVOREX® absorbent to handle chemical spills
TRIVOREX® absorbent is intended to fight against all kind of accidental spills with liquid chemical products : acids, bases, oxydizing agents, reducing agents, oils, hydrocarbons

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April 1, 2015 - Like the usual rinsing solutions, DIPHOTERINE® solution is a liquid and therefore meets the need of rinsing the surface. DIPHOTERINE® solution is a chelating and amphoteric solution with at least one site able to stop the six kinds of possible reactions (acid, base, oxidation, reduction, solvatation, chelation). Polyvalence is a crucial advantage of DIPHOTERINE® solution. DIPHOTERINE® solution is a hypertonic solution which allows to attract towards the outside the chemical that has yet penetrated into the tissues. The combination of these three properties allows the DIPHOTERINE® solution to prevent any possible sequelae resulting from this kind of accident because it decontaminates the chemical splash completely, inside and outside the tissues, in a polyvalent way. The DIPHOTERINE® solution is guaranteed to be a phosphate-free solution. Everything on chemical burns